Inspired Skin Care & Spa is a professional spa place in Saskatoon. We offer high quality massage services including Full Body Massage, Aromatherapy, Hot Stone and Foot Reflexology.

Our peaceful sound and soothing aroma create restful environment to calm your tired body. Our experienced therapists apply their professional techniques to improve your well-being.

It is our responsibility to relieve your pain and stress. It will be our pleasure to see your satisfactory smile and hear your comments.

what is Foot Reflexology?

Leg and Foot Reflexology is an incomparable pleasure, which not only relieves fatigue, leaves leg muscles and the body in tone, but also is a unique relaxing procedure.

Leg and Foot Reflexology is a little bit different from, let’s say, back massage. The difference is that foot and leg massage stimulates not only the muscles, which are directly rubbed, but also gives a positive effect on the whole body. And the reason for this is a huge set of reflex points, which are responsible for the state of the body as a whole.